Bahari Express Ready to take you to Karimunjawa

 A good news that has been awaited by the citizens of Publications, both foreign and local travelers who want to spend vacation time in the pretty islands and beautiful. Through several meetings with Jepara regency and several travel agents, cruise schedule has finally been officially approved.
ship bahari express karimun jawa
bahari express

Quick Ship inaugural cruise Bahari Express 9 is scheduled to be held starting on March 19, 2012, will be postponed until Friday 23 March 2012. This is done considering the bad weather that is currently sweeping the waters of the Java Sea.

The new fleet ready to take you to Karimunjawa, with a shorter duration is 2 hours will make it convenient, safer and quicker to be able to enjoy the natural beauty of the islands Karimunjawa. The vessels are operating out of the city of Jepara to Karimunjawa islands boat travel is the fastest Karimunjawa and has a large enough capacity is 350 passengers.

DATE inaugural voyage March 23, 2012:
- Jepara - Karimunjawa 10.00 AM (extra line) and at 14.00 pm
- Karimunjawa - Jepara 12.00 PM

As for the schedule of regular ships (maritime express 9)
JEPARA - Karimunjawa
Monday. : At 10:30
Tuesday: 10.30 am
Friday: 14:00
Saturday: 10.30 am

Karimunjawa - JEPARA
Monday. : At 13:00
Wednesday. : At 10:30
Saturday. : At 08.00
Sunday: 14:00 hours

Ticket Rates PROMO
VIP Class. : IDR. 80.000, -
EXECUTIVE: IDR. 65.000, -

New Program:
TICKETS CHEAP BUSINESS (45,000, - thousands ONLY)
* PHOTO COPY ID 2 Sheets
* Only valid local ID JEPARA & Publications
* Purchase only at OFFICE EXPRESS BAHARI
* Purchasing NOT be represented
* TICKETS LIMITED / His Trip .........

Address of Office
A.E Suryani Street no. 41 Jepara

With increased shipping fleet reaching Karimunjawa Island, is expected to increase the commodity on the island itself, so it can be one of Indonesia's marine attractions that must be visited, such as Bali.

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